2018 Rich’s Ramblings:

Week 14 Results


Saturday Games alert:  For this coming week only, we have two Saturday games in addition to the Thursday night game.  We treat the Saturday games like we normally treat Thursday games, so you need to make those picks at least one hour before kickoff on Saturday.  Similar to Thursday, I will not assign random picks for these games, so definitely make those picks prior to the deadline if you want a chance at the games.


We have a big deadlock for 1st place in Week 14—8 people got 12/16 right for the week.  The tiebreak involves AidnBrenD, BarrySanders, BigCraig23, BrotherBruce, Cleft70, LightningStorm, WawbeekBombers, and TheUkranian.  Aidn, Barry, and Wawbeek were all in the sidepool, so we have a second rollover to Week 15, with 570 bananas up for grabs. 


Old news:


Week 13—Padre notched 1st place over J&CGriff, who gets 2nd, by a score of 11-9.


Week 12—HolyPicks gets his 2nd consecutive 2nd prize, squeaking out a victory over CR by a score of 11-10. 


NHBroncosFan is moving in the right direction (for him) again over the past two weeks in the YTD race with just three weeks remaining in the season.  He now holds a “comfortable” 5-game edge over SickPuppy and BirdFeed, who are tied for 2nd place.  We now have a 4-way tie for 4th place, so there is much positioning yet to be done at the top of the pool.









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I have entered the Week-15 point spreads, so you can go make those picks.


Accounting 2018 pool


86 entries in the pool this year (new record, 1 more than last year)


4300 bananas

    50 web site fee

4250 prize pool


100 Weekly 1st

  50 Weekly 2nd

17 Weeks * 150/week = 2550 weekly prizes


1700 for season-end prize pool


750 1st place

375 2nd place

200 3rd place

100 4th place

  85 Best Loser

  70 Pay the Middleman

  70 Bonus King

  50 Booby prize—need to enter at least 12 Thursday night games to be eligible


100% of all entries, less the small web site fee, are returned to the prize pool.


Please read:  YOU are responsible to make sure the system received your picks

After you hit the ‘Submit Your Picks’ button, you will get a page that has the title “The Following Picks Have Been Received For PlayerName”.  Please print out this page, and verify that all the picks are the ones you meant to make.  The following (unfortunate) scenarios have happened in the past:


If you fill out your picks but do not hit the ‘Submit’ button, the system will not get your picks.  If you hit submit, but manage to lose internet connection before you get the confirmation page, then the system did not get your picks.  Finally, it is possible to accidently select the wrong team in the drop down box, so you might discover on Sunday that you mistakenly picked a team you did not mean to.  If you print out the confirmation page, then you will know (and have proof) that your picks are in the system.


Millionaire update:  No news, looks like it will most likely air in 2019, after the football pool is done.  Bummer!  I will send out a quick notice to the pool email list in case anyone wants to catch my show.  It could be any time from now to the end of May.