2021 Rich’s Ramblings:

Week 6 Results


The big news for the week is that we finally have a sidepool winner, and to heck with the special rule, it will be paid out to a single player.  Congratulations to papa2, who gets each and every one of 1410 bananas, by far the largest banana dump to a single player in the 30+ year history of theDodger football contest.  It all came down to the exciting Monday Night game, as Ozzy was tied with papa2, and they had different picks for the Monday Night game.  One of them was guaranteed to win the sidepool.  The game was crazy, bouncing back and forth around the 5.5-point spread to Buffalo.  In the end, Ozzy needed Buffalo to try to kick a field goal, to force it to overtime, where he still could have won if Buffalo got a touchdown in overtime.  But when Buffalo tried to win the game, and failed, that iced the historic result for papa2.  Congratulations again for the big big win, we all are envious.  The sidepool will start over from scratch this week, and we are back to the normal rules, where you must win it outright to claim the pool.


To add to his riches, papa2 also claims the Week 6 first prize of 90.  There is a 4-way tie for 2nd between NHBroncosFan, Ozzy, AJpats1221, and cowboymoore.


Old News:

Week 5:  The nine-way tie for 2nd place has been reduced to 4 remaining contenders.  thePatriot, MattyDaddy, Pudge07, and Go(big)Blue remain in the running for Week 5 2nd prize.


Week 4:  The initial 8-way tie for 1st/2nd was reduced to 3 players in Week 5, and now we are down to two finalists, who are guaranteed to win a prize but are still tied for 1st and 2nd.  Congrats to BrotherBruce and Laurenza13!


ShortMenace now sits atop the year-end race, with SexyLad and MattyRich just one game back.  You can check out your status in the year-end race by selecting “Week 99” in the “Everyone’s Points” report.


The website is ready for Week 7


Accounting 2021 pool


73 entries in the pool this year, down 7 from last year, and down from record of 86 in 2018.  This, in combination with the fact that we have 18 weeks this season, means that I needed to drop the prizes for 1st and 2nd place by $10 each this season.  73 * 50 means we have a total pot of 3650 to fund the pool this year.  Here is the accounting of how that fund will be distributed


3650 bananas collected

    50 web site fee

3600 prize pool


90 Weekly 1st

40 Weekly 2nd

18 Weeks * 130/week = 2340 weekly prizes


1260 for season-end prize pool


555 1st place

275 2nd place

150 3rd place

  75 4th place

  65 Best Loser

  50 Pay the Middleman

  50 Bonus King

  40 Booby prize—need to enter at least 12 Thursday night games to be eligible


100% of all entries, less the small web site fee, are returned to the prize pool.


Additional notes for the year-end prizes:

If you want to be in the running for the Booby prize (low score for the season), then you must try to pick winners for each game.  You will lose the chance to win the booby prize if you fail to make your Thursday picks.  I’ll allow no more than 5 blank Thursday games to be eligible for the Booby prize.


One small rule change for year-end prizes this year…I offer two smallish prizes for “Pay the Middleman” and “Bonus King”, but lately these have often been split between several players, watering down the prize significantly.  (Imagine being in an 8-way tie for one of these prizes…it’s happened!)  Therefore I will only pay one winner for each of these prizes.  You get the Middleman prize if you end up exactly in the middle of the pool, based on the algorithm the website uses to list players who are tied.  One winner only…a bit more luck involved, but the prize will be more meaningful.  Same with Bonus King…if there is a tie, this will go to the player with the highest cumulative score in the Year-end race. 

Please read:  YOU are responsible to make sure the system received your picks

After you hit the ‘Submit Your Picks’ button, you will get a page that has the title “The Following Picks Have Been Received For PlayerName”.  Please print out this page, and verify that all the picks are the ones you meant to make.  The following (unfortunate) scenarios have happened in the past:


If you fill out your picks but do not hit the ‘Submit’ button, the system will not get your picks.  If you hit submit, but manage to lose internet connection before you get the confirmation page, then the system did not get your picks.  Finally, it is possible to accidently select the wrong team in the drop down box, so you might discover on Sunday that you mistakenly picked a team you did not mean to.  If you print out the confirmation page, then you will know (and have proof) that your picks are in the system.