2019 Rich’s Ramblings:

Week 13 Results


Usually it does not pay to take random picks, but occasionally they can pay off.  The key to winning with random is 1) get them in a week where there are a bunch of upsets, and 2) get really lucky and win about 3/4ths of your coin-flip picks. 


Check and check for MSelinka, who also benefited from my offer to make random picks on Thursday…he got random picks for all 16 games, there were a bunch of upsets (Cinci wins their first game of the season, and Miami over Philly?!  Really?!), and he got really lucky to win 12/16 and tie with Capo (who earned his twelve points, thank you!).  These two are tied for the Week 13 prizes, and are guaranteed to win something…tiebreak will determine who gets first vs second.  MSelinka doesn’t care too much about that though, since he wins the once-rolled sidepool with his random picks to take down 430 bananas.  Congrats to him, and the sidepool starts over fresh in Week 14.  SweetMan was tied heading into the last two games, but picked the wrong upset, while MSelinka got both right to win the pool.


Old news—Tie Breaks: 


The Week 11 tiebreak has been determined.  Go(big)Blue knocked off JamieD 9-8 in Week 13, so G(b)B wins his first weekly prize of the season (and still remains in the lead for the year-end big prize too.)


In Week 12, ProfitProphet falls out of contention, while Nick secures the 1st place prize.  2nd prize remains up for grabs between Cleft70 and Moe$$.


I have entered the Week 14 point spreads, so you can go make those picks.  Please remember to make your Thursday picks by 7:20 PM EST on Thursday, and then all the rest are due by the normal 11:00 am Sunday deadline.


Here is how things look at the top for the year-end prize through Week 13.  Big move this week up the board by Capo, who was not in the top 11 last week, but has moved all the way up to a tie for 4th this week!  Note as always you can check out the full YTD standings by choosing ‘Reports’, Everyone’s Points, then select ‘Week 99’.














4th (t)



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6th (t)



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8th (t)



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10th (t)



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Accounting 2019 pool


83 entries in the pool this year (down 3 from last year’s record)


4150 bananas

    50 web site fee

4100 prize pool


100 Weekly 1st

  50 Weekly 2nd

17 Weeks * 150/week = 2550 weekly prizes


1550 for season-end prize pool


700 1st place

350 2nd place

175 3rd place

  90 4th place

  75 Best Loser

  60 Pay the Middleman

  60 Bonus King

  40 Booby prize—need to enter at least 12 Thursday night games to be eligible


100% of all entries, less the small web site fee, are returned to the prize pool.


YOU are responsible to make sure the system received your picks

After you hit the ‘Submit Your Picks’ button, you will get a page that has the title “The Following Picks Have Been Received For PlayerName”.  Please print out this page, and verify that all the picks are the ones you meant to make.  The following (unfortunate) scenarios have happened in the past:


If you fill out your picks but do not hit the ‘Submit’ button, the system will not get your picks.  If you hit submit, but manage to lose internet connection before you get the confirmation page, then the system did not get your picks.  Finally, it is possible to accidently select the wrong team in the drop down box, so you might discover on Sunday that you mistakenly picked a team you did not mean to.  If you print out the confirmation page, then you will know (and have proof) that your picks are in the system.