Links to Football Related Web Sites


Here are some football/sports related sites that you may wish to visit. Please let me know if you know of a relevant web site, and I can create a link to that too!

Rich & theDodger Football Pool Discussion Forum   Player Beetle set this up to enable pool participants to spout off, trash talk, or offer sincere props to those who are doing well in the pool.  If you want to post, you will need to register (please use your player name in the pool).  Thanks Beetle! The official Web Page of the NFL

ESPN's Football Page

Fox Sport's Web Page

Monday Night Football Web Site from ABC

ABC Sports College Football page


And completely unrelated to sports is this really cool site: The Internet Movie Database Very powerful search engine. Want to know every movie Mel Gibson ever appeared in? How about everything that David Lynch has produced? This site easily answers questions like this...if you are a movie fan, check it out!